June, 2006 - Japan Frito-Lay, Ltd. introduced "Taitsukun Adult Doritos" in a special licensed Doritos package with the Taitsukun character on it. They were sold in two flavors and four package varieties. The price was ¥124.
November, 2006 - Suntory, a Japanese brewing and distilling company, introduced a series of Taitsukun DAKARA figurines. These miniatures were given away with the purchase of Suntory DAKARA sports drinks. All together, there were 12 different original figurines that were produced and distributed to Japanese convenience stores coast to coast.
April, 2007 - "Taitsukun Joushiga Okorinikui Sawayaka Manner," Nintendo DS game software, went on sale for ¥3,990. In this game, the popular character Taistukun walks players through various scenarios in the work place and teaches them proper business manners. They test their skills by taking quizes to see how well their business manners have improved.
April, 2008 - The Taitsukun cell phone Web site is revamped with decoration e-mail as the focus. Users can also enjoy a Taitsukun magazine online. The monthly access fee is ¥294.
So far, Taitsukun publications include 3 volumes of REIKO CARD books entitled "Men's Tastes" and an illustrated Chinese character puzzle book, "Shinjuku San-Choume," that takes a satirical look at current events. Book #4 in the REIKO CARD series is due to hit bookstores in July of 2008.
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